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How I participated in translation project for British Airways


Not so long ago my British colleagues received a request from British Airways to translated their on-board magazine that will be greeting all passengers from across the Globe in Airbuses of BA.

The project was on hold for a little bit longer than expected first but then finally our PM commanded: GO! And a small team of two translators and one editor (myself) started working on the project. Russian was among the total of nine foreign languages involved in the project.

The vendor opted for memsource server to organize the work and after a few introductory glitches we were ready to embark on the translation journey. What I noted right upon the start is the drastic difference in quality between the two translators involved. One did not require almost any editing and the other – quite a bit. That resulted in some tension in the team. Surely, everyone in creative writing has got a right to an opinion)

After a couple of weeks, the work was complete and now our state-of-the-art translation can be found online and in all the BA’s airplanes flying from Moscow and St-Pete to Heathrow.


The original magazine and the corresponding translations can be found here:


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